About Us


AHL has launched a one-stop smart home service, awesome home living, which integrates the electronic equipment, audio-visual products and broadband network design of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things with the help of a professional consulting team and the latest technology, so that you can easily experience the comfort, convenience and efficiency brought by smart life, and the smart home life is no longer out of reach.
The new service enables customers to control many household facilities at home, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning, home entertainment and home monitoring system, through personalized mobile app and intelligent main control panel. Even if the customer is outdoors, the above facilities can be controlled through smart phones or tablets. Our professional technical consulting team will provide one-stop service, including on-site professional advice on layout and equipment setting, one-stop installation service and after-sales consulting service for future maintenance and upgrading, which is both time-saving and thoughtful. We can help you build a modern, comfortable and intelligent home by giving us all the relevant questions.
Awesome home living makes your life easier.
please keep in mind the network link terms and conditions -
The device must be compatible and connected to the smart home system